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Who we are

Marshfield Tennis Association (MTA) is a non-profit , volunteer based organization with a mission to promote interest, excitement and participation in the sport of tennis. We are a registered community tennis association with the United States Tennis Association (USTA).

President: Ali Luedtke

Vice President:Renee Wesolowski 

Treasurer: Todd Schultz  Secretary: Holly Reckner 

 Contact us: webmaster

Marshfield Parks and Recreation:

Tennis lessons for youth, beginners through intermediate levels offered throughout the year. For more information contact Parks and Rec at (715) 384- 4642.


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Scheduled Meetings:

Meetings will be held February, May, and October. Members will be emailed details on meeting dates.



Minutes of May 2016 meeting:

Call to Order: 7:00


Attendees:  Dave Droste, Jane Pearson, Ken Swenson, Todd Schultz, Renee Wesolowski, Jeff Eisberner, Ali Luedtke, Holly Reckner, Donna Hansen


February Meeting:  Minutes were approved.


Treasurers Report:  Current Balance: $1,949.69

Jeff mentioned there may be an opportunity with Forward Financial, as a non-profit organization, for free funding, possibly as much as $3000, Todd Schultz will contact

Bob McManus in follow up.


Doubles for Fun:  April was rained out.

                                  May event may have no host due to the holiday weekend and need to be cancelled.

Renee was able to get Garry Koehler to host Dbls for Fun in May (we will keep the weekendJ)



Brochures:  completed, proofed, and corrected.  Ali gave them to Dave Droste and Tom Duncan to distribute to team members prior to the end of their seasons.  Brochures will be posted at tennis courts and distributed to the MTA website and Parks and Rec.

Conflicts:  Jeff brought up that the 2 tournament dates conflict with different music festivals and wondered if the dates of future events could be adjusted.

Divisions:  Open:  will add Junior DBLS Division back to entry form.  Doubles:  new division for adult/child teams—to see if there is interest.

Scoring:  Ad-scoring, 3rd set 10 pt tiebreaker throughout the tournament

Start Times:  Saturday 8 am, Sunday 1 pm.  Times to be adjusted for rain delays. 

Breaks:  15-30 minutes between matches when playing back to back.

Cost:  MTA members will pay ½ the cost of the posted entry fee.  For doubles teams, only members get the discount, non-member would still pay full price.

In Tournament Fun:  discussed the possibility of having being able to measure serve speed, either as a contest or for fun,  Holly to check with Dave Smith on the use of a radar gun, if he has one.


Membership:     Fee:  per person or per family for 1 calendar year. 

                                Drive:  Dave Droste and Jane Pearson will work on way to increase MTA membership. 

Funds could be used to promote tennis growth, help fund area tennis programs, or tennis  camps.


Summer Tennis:  Youth Tennis Camp deadline is May 27th—additional fee required post-date.       

                             Levels:  7-10 yrs of age, 11-14, 15 and older.

Sponsors for t-shirts include:  Century 21-Team Decker, Hardee’s, Forward Financial, The Insurance Center, Ric and Ryan Frey, Century 21 Jeff Eisberner, Fairway Independent Mortgage. Names and logos will appear on the back of the shirts.  Design for the front to be determined.  Color will be lime green/yellow with black lettering.  Ken Swenson will look for MTA logo, or new logo will be designed.





USTA Leagues: 3.0 Women’s League—Tuesday nights (STPT, MFLD)

                                3.5 Women’s League—Thursday nights (WAUSAU 2  TEAMS, MFLD, STPT)

                             No Women’s Senior’s League this year.

                                No Men’s League


Locals Leagues: 4 Plus—Monday nights 6 pm at Boson Courts

                                4.0 Flex League

                                Seniors League

                                Wednesday Social Doubles:  begins 6/8 6pm-8pm


Windscreens at Boson:  Ali will talk to Ron Sturomski regarding moving the west side windscreens to the                              back of the 4 courts closest to the shelter to block the wind on those courts and enable                                           players to better see the ball.


Court Repairs:  Boson—cracks etc should be repaired following the end of the boy’s tennis season.

                            Jr. High—sealant will be applied and lines painted prior to school starting in the fall


Planning for 2017


USTA Sanctioned Tournament:  Jeff Eisberner and Dave Droste will check out what is needed to bring a sanctioned tournament to Marshfield.  If possible, will look into finding corporate sponsors.


Team Tennis:  4 person teams find local business sponsors and play a rotating schedule.  More information needed.


Update on City Hall/Indoor Courts:


The City Hall is not sold (at the date of the meeting) we know that the tennis/raquet ball courts are not big on the negotiations so the MTA will stay posted on when the indoor court will not be available (Holly heard we might be good through 2018J - we will keep are members posted)


Ali discussed fundraising options with Kristen Polga (YMCA Board Member & local tennis player). She sat down with Mr. Nystrom: the mulit-use athletic space (with possible indoor tennis court) for the remolding of the YMCA is in PHASE 2 of the plans. At this point no big donor has stepped forward to help fund PHASE 1 of the YMCA’s plans (large pool upgrades, additional family locker room, expanded weight and fitness areas, and remolding of indoor track). Mr. Nystrom did not encourage the MTA to raise fund and have them earmarked for the Tennis courts area at this point in time. He did say that if the fund raising efforts exceed 1million for phase 1 that then they would go ahead with phase 2 at the same time (for cost savings). He also mentioned that if there was a donor who wanted to pay for the entire cost of the tennis court area then they would go ahead and put it in phase 1.


 PRESIDENT'S NOTE (November , 2016)

 THANK YOU! To all who stopped by our booth this past Sunday at 'Great Things Are Happening Here' event at The Everett Roehl Public Library.

 we met many new people and hope to see some new faces and returning friends on the courts:)

The MTA handed out 8 private lessons, 15 overgrips, 29 cans of tennis balls, many T-shirts, and loads of healthy snacks and treats to participants who came to visit and spin our 'Wheel of Tennis Wonder.'

 we also had a drawing for 2 Raquets. Kari R won the adult racquet and Evelyn W won the youth racquet. 

Thank you so much to Dave Droste, Ken Swenson, Tom Duncan, Dave Smith, Dave Jordan, Todd Schultz, Holly and Doug Reckner, and Jane Pearson who with their personal donations of time and gift(s) made this event such a great success for the MTA.

sincerely,Ali Luedtke


OCTOBER 2016 Meeting minutes:

 Marshfield Tennis Association Meeting:  October 18, 2016

Call to Order:

Attendees:  Dave Droste, Jane Pearson, Ken Swenson, Todd Schultz, Donna Hanson, Doug Reckner,      Ali Luedtke, Holly Reckner

Treasurers Report:  see balance sheet (attached)—MTA sponsored the Boson Court porta potty for the months of June, July, and August.  Cost has risen from $85.00/month to $126.60/month.  Discussion as to whether or not to look into a less expensive vendor.  Ali will check with the school system as to their plans.  Todd also mentioned he had also received and paid the bills for September and October, Ali will f/u for reimbursement. 

Membership:  Currently very limited.  It was suggested that the reduction in tournament entry fees isn’t necessarily the best incentive for community members to join the MTA.  There are a large number of local players that are not MTA members.  Discussed creating a more visual “community presence” to get these players to join, grow membership at large and create additional funding for the MTA.  Dave Droste presented information regarding USTA incentives for junior programs, and adult events etc. (see attached).  He will invite the local USTA representative to the February meeting for further discussion.  Also discussed offering different membership levels for individual donors or businesses.  Need to find out current guidelines for Boson Courts with regard to previous donations and the initial construction funding process, i.e. on court signs and large tennis balls.

“2016 Great Things are Happening Here” event at the Everett Roehl Library November 13th from 1-4 pm.  Ali Luedtke, Holly and Doug Reckner will represent the MTA at a booth with information, prize wheel with give aways, and raffle.  Raffle prizes will be tennis racquets and free tennis lessons.  Wheel prizes will vary.

Re-Cap of Summer Events: 

Doubles for Fun—will continue in 2017—more discussion at the February meeting.  Need someone to host the event.

Tennis Tournaments:  able to fill brackets.  Dunham gift cards were good prizes for adult divisions and younger division.  High school aged divisions will need to change to trophies due to WIAA rules regarding monetary awards.  Ali will check with vendors in town for best options.

Adult Lessons: Well attended, at times too many for 1 coach.  Tom recruited some help and then much improved.  Beginners take more “coach” time.  If numbers stay high, could look at splitting by ability.



USTA: well attended with post season play for 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 (played with Stevens Point) attending the USTA State Tournament.  Great seasons, looking forward to next year.  Always looking for new recruits.

Local:  Men’s, Co-ed and Senior leagues had good participation.  Wednesday Social Tennis numbers were somewhat diminished.  Will look at the community incentives in the attached information to promote social tennis.

John Harrington Memorial: Ali or Donna will check with Sue Harrington for her preference.                                                                                                                                      Ali suggested purchasing a bench with a plaque and placing at the UW Court.                                          Todd Schultz suggested possibly renaming the UW Courts for John Harrington.  Ali will check with the UW to see if this is possible.  MTA would pay for signage and installation if approved


Additional Updates: 

Indoor Tennis Facility: will remain open through 2018.

YMCA Tennis:  in order for tennis to be included in Phase I, there would need to be a $1million surplus in fundraising.

Junior High Courts:  Plan is in the works to keep the shelter, but update it, and remove the turn style for safety reasons.

Fundraising with a Purpose:  will discuss this more in Feb

Fall/Winter Junior Tournament:  discussed the possibility of hosting 2 one day junior’s events at the Indoor facility.  One in each month, January and February.




 Marshfield Tennis Association Meeting :  February 16, 2017

Call to Order:

Attendees:  Todd Schultz, Doug Reckner, Renee Wesolowski, Donna Hanson, Jeff Eisberner, Ali Luedtke, Holly Reckner

Treasurers Report:  Checking:  $2150.13, Savings:  1834.32, 6 month CD:  5190.47

Membership:  ~ 30 members

Summary of Winter Events:  2 of 6 Juniors Tournaments were held at the Indoor Court.  One each in December and January, the February tournament was cancelled due to low registration.  Both singles and doubles were offered by age groups.  Singles were held in December and February with age groups combined and had 4 players age 12-16.  There was an abbreviated format, sets shorted to first play to 4 games, with no ad scoring.  Round robins were played.  Could possibly hold again next winter with some revisions.

Children’s Festival:  April 8th, 9:30 am to 1:30 pm at the Senior High Fieldhouse.  The group voted to pay for 2 spots (a table spot and an open spot) – cost is $50 (if forms are in by March 3) The theme this year is “Under the Sea”.   Tom Duncan along with Renee Wesolowski, Jill Joyce & Todd Schultz volunteered and will represent the MTA at an interactive booth featuring small nets and foam tennis balls for play with the children.  Generally, there are about 50 vendor booths.  This activity target younger school age children.  Will offer a drawing to attend the Youth Tennis Camp at no cost.


Spring/Summer Events: 

Doubles for Fun:  will be help the last Sunday of the month 5-7 pm, April through August.  Hosts will be:  April:  Holly Reckner, May:  Jill Joyce, June: Renee Wesolowski, July: Donna Hanson, August: Todd Schultz/Ali Luedtke.  Anyone having conflicts should contact other Hosts for a trade of months.


 June 9, 10, 11 Marshfield Open Singles/Doubles

                To be determined whether it is held Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday

Jeff and Dave Droste will look into “sanctioning” the Men’s Open Division, other divisions will  not be sanctioned.   Jeff will look for sponsorship from local businesses.  It was also discussed to have printed flyers sent out to Wausau and Stevens Point for distribution at their tennis facilities.

August 4, 5, 6 Marshfield Doubles Tournament

                To be determined whether it is held Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday

                Unsanctioned tournament.

It was also discussed to have printed flyers sent out to Wausau and Stevens Point for distribution  at their tennis facilities.


For both tournaments, MTA will provide balls, snacks and beverages for players.  MTA will sponsor some “fun” events during the tournaments.  Last year held a speed service contest.  Could repeat that, along with targeted serves contest.  Open to other ideas as well.


Local Leagues:  Will remain as last year.  Cost $10/per person/per event.  Events offered are Singles and Doubles by ranking and gender, unless there is low registration, then some leagues may be combined.  Last year there were 4.0 + Singles, 3.5-4.0 Singles, Senior Singles (must be 60+).  Can expand to include other levels of singles and doubles if there is interest.  Leagues will start the week of June 5, 2017.  Deadline for registration is May 26, 2017.

Wednesday Social Doubles; Registration fee is $10/per person.  No partner needed.  Start date is 6/7 and end date is 8/9.  Refreshments are provided after play.  No rain dates.  Registration is due 5/26, 2017.


Youth Tennis Camp:  Tom Duncan will run again this year, based on his availability.  If run at a later time during the day, would ask him to hold at the Junior High Courts due to possible conflicts with the USTA leagues on Tuesday and Thursday.


Adult Tennis Lessons:  Possibly Mondays—need 2 coaches, one for beginners and one for more advanced players.  Depending on availability, Tom Duncan and ??


USTA Leagues:  same as last year, with 3.0 and 3.5 Marshfield teams.  There will also be a 4.0 combo team with Stevens Point.  Leagues will play Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Boson Courts.


John Harrington Memorial:  Donna followed up with Sue Harrington.  The UW is determining whether or not they can name the outdoor sports area or fieldhouse for John.  They asked that the MTA hold off on placing benches etc until they have determined what they are doing as a memorial.  Todd Schultz will f/u with UW so this doesn’t get lost.


Website/Facebook Page:  Sonny Siasoco has made some changes to the web page. 


Fundraising:  Ali to check with Ann Boson


YMCA:  tennis multi-functional area has been moved to Phase 1, but the whole process is at a standstill as the YMCA waits for more stakeholders to come forward with donations.  Jeff Eisberner brought up an option of purchasing and renovating the Someplace Else facility north of Marshfield as an alternative for indoor tennis.  Current owners want it gone and could possibly be purchased for ~$90K.







- To support the growth of tennis in the community.

- To sponsor tennis related activities and events

- To be tennis advocates

- To promote the health/fitness benefits of tennis as a lifetime sport.

Benefits of membership:

Receive the newsletter informing of tennis events/activities/special features.

Receive discounts on Association related tournaments/events.

To become a member see membership page, print, fill out and send in!

Indoor Tennis Courts:

Location: 630 S. Central Ave. Ste. 2R Marshfield, WI

Contact the Marshfield Parks and Recreation Department 384-4642 ext.0 for hours of operation, costs and reservations.

Attention!! If you are an indoor court user, please contact your alderperson and voice your opinion on keeping our indoor court. The City Council will be voting on plans for the City Plaza soon. Stay Tuned... 

Outdoor Tennis Courts:


 J.D. Boson Tennis Complex Senior High:

Hume Ave. 8 courts, lights, practice board (Best Courts! Newest, open to all)

Braehm Park:

905 N. Cedar Ave. 4 courts, lights (public)

UW- Marshfield Wood County:

4 courts, practice board (Just resurfaced, quiet area by soccer fields)

Middle School Courts:

900 E. W. 4th St. 4 courts (needs upkeep)

Steven J. Miller Recreation Area:

501 W. Fourth St. 4 courts, practice board (newly resurfaced)


Marshfield Parks and Recreation:

Tennis lessons for youth, beginners through intermediate levels offered throughout the year. For more information contact Parks and Rec at (715) 384- 4642.


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